Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring is trying to unpack itself!!

Molly's Friday night netball is getting lighter and warmer.

Look Nana we got that puzzle finished!!

Spring madness? Or winter cabin fever setting in??

A mutual love of noodles?

An incredible (if somewhat gross) bond between animal and child!

Bathing beauties (idiots)

The ONLY colour in my new garden. I will remedy this before next spring!!!

Molly in her school syndicate play. (Blue headband)

The pets that don't socialise together.
"No you can't really see me up on the couch beside THAT cat" mumbles Rosie.

Is SHE still there?

Spring tolerance??

My spring beauties. The gardens were amazing.

I wonder if  this is when my wallet fell out of my pocket?
(A lovely women with her grandchildren picked it up took it with her back to Kaiapoi. Wallet and I were reunited in a few hours. So reassuring to know there are still caring, trustworthy people about.)

The light and shadows played havoc with every photo I took under the trees. But these girls still looked lovely.

I am so pleased Spring is here. A new house means a new garden and new opportunities. It also means some new bugs which the girls and myself have succumb to recently. The warm spring sun after each frost certainly helps lift our spirits though.
I will also finally see all my roses out the front of the house in bloom in Summer. New gardens bring new fun. I can't wait.

Jaz x


  1. Oh love all the photos - and you finished that puzzle - awesome. I am glad i got to put in at least six pieces! A real challenge.
    Hope you are all feeling better

  2. So many lovely pics of the girls here - love the daffodil pics and OMG your cat could be our cat Murphy's twin!!!!

  3. I also love Spring- its my favourite season! Filled with hope, love it x


  4. lovely pics
    I would HATE to lose my wallet. Yay for honest people!

  5. What an uplifting post Jaz. I loved it. It's quite happified me this evening.

  6. Such wonderful photos! Your girls are beautiful. Funny that your cat loves noodles, ha! Gorgeous surroundings!


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