Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankfulness through the blah......

The Treacy family have been feeling a bit blah. All of us.
Previously soooo proud of my little family surviving the year so far with hardly a snivel, the new season of new things has brought with it new bugs.
And we got them.
Not even the large doses of spirulina has repelled them!!!! Bottoms!!!!!

Starting with sore throats and a feeling of being in a rut. Strep throat, antibiotics, and yucky head colds......................that moved to our chests. Nothing quite bad enough to knock us down, but enough to rock us all a bit.
Now we have sore tummies to add to the mix. It's simply best not to visit us at the moment.

Today I have Molly and Phoebe at home. We are all nursing our wounds. I feel especially sorry for Mark whose immune system has also been challenged through all of this and he is still making an appearance at work. I am very grateful for such a  hard working person in my life.

I don't cope so well with feeling under the weather. As you well know I usually jump to conclusions that it must be neurologically connected. Well your brain is your computer isn't it! Get a virus and all hell can break loose.

My brain is to blame for so much nowadays. Poor thing.

I have made a pact with myself about Thursdays and that they need to be thankful. So despite the seasonal yuck I must respect myself by being exactly that. Thankful.

I'm very thankful for the lovely comments last post. I actually thought I had lost many of my readers. Not blogging and then throwing up some unusual posts. Thankyou for the occasional comments. I enjoy your feedback. (I understand the not commenting thing as I often read blogs and then forget) (oops).

I am thankful to my dog this week. Stuck at home inside with the kids is a nightmare if
not for her sometimes. She is so loving and wonderful company. Even when we are here alone she will follow me around the garden/house and drop wherever I do. Such a lovely companion. (Just now she followed me to see Phoebe, watched Phoebe's attempt to be sick, watched the cuddles and then followed me back to my typing spot). I never really feel alone around here.

I'm thankful to my snuggly, well constructed and insulated house. Canterbury has just had a Spring storm to boot most others. Many trees, fences and signs fell and our little town of Rangiora was a real mess. My children slept through the lot. The whole night of gales, rain, thunder, lightening and debri flying about the property. They slept.
I didn't, half expecting a child or two to jump into my bed during the night, as it was quite frightening.
Canterbury is in clean up mode (again!!).

I am also thankful to optimism beyond the here and now. Setting goals and being less afraid. This is not just for me. We all probably fear things at times and how our future will pan out before us. When I was diagnosed with the "brain tumour" I became frightened of the future or setting any goals.  A year ago I was scared to get my hair cut as I thought I'd probably lose it anyway with Chemo treatment. To scared to buy new clothes as I didn't want Mark left with a whole lot to sort out after I'd gone. So much fear.

Now I'm very thankful that I am not so afraid of the future. Despite the nature of the future still being unpredictable. I live better in the present now, live happier. (Still get a bit crabby about wasted time feeling tired with bugs). My friend and I chatted about this recently.

The guilt about doing nothing, even if our bodies are asking for some 'nothing' time.  We have talked about this before when we were both stay at home mums with our babies. She suggested that I view it as allowing healing along the way, preserving the body for a few more years of healthy living. Allowing some rest so that my brain may be in better condition in later years. Stop being afraid of running out of time.
Damn it that is it. I am afraid of running out of time.

Today, I'm thankful for positive feedback, my hardworking, loving husband, loyal dog, safe house and growing openness to  conquering fear (an ongoing topic of my log and life).

Thankful Thursday everyone.
I hope you can also feel thankful for the things in your life
Jaz x


  1. Awesome, I love reading your blogs. Hope everyone is feeling great real soon.

  2. Beautifully said, as always. You are an inspiration Jaz. Can't wait until you are all recovered again... miss the hugs and chilling time. xxxx

  3. Hi Jaz, have loved seeing your blog pop up in my feed again, hope you are all feeling better soon

  4. It's good to read that you are less afraid of planning for the future despite the nature of the future being unpredictable. The future is always unpredictable Jaz. I've tried for many years now to live for the moment and you've helped me do that. After all as you said once on my blog "Feeling young is fabulous but growing old is a blessing!!!" May you be blessed Jaz. But in the meantime may you live for the moment and enjoy.

  5. first time here, I read your comment on GB's blog so I had to visit. I hope you and your family are well soon. I remember illnesses being passed from one family member to another. We had 4 kids, and then when the oldest hit the teens, my dad started living with us. So, like you, lots of opportunity to spread the bugs! The bit of fear of running out of time sometimes plagues me. (I'm now 73.) So I am praying for the fear to be driven out and just enjoy NOW.

  6. I love that you are blogging again, I'd missed you so much. Especially the particularly honest posts like these ones. I hope that you are well on the mend from all the lurgy now - lots of lemon, honey, ginger, coconut oil drinks are good's been such a great tonic for me this winter xx


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