Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I realise I have posted about this stuff before. But I truly believe it has made a significant difference in my recovery and brain fatigue. I read that it actually crosses the brain/blood barrier (unlike other substances) so it actually makes a real difference. A HUGE difference!!
If you haven't tried it, do.
I use it to kick start the day and then another 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in juice just before the kids get home (a demanding part of my day). You can actually buy it in tablet form, so even more convenient for working or busy people. Even your healthy brains would benefit!! (Ok, sales pitch over.....and I'm not even getting commission for this!! ;-)

Thankful for the growing independence of my children, I think :-)

Thankful for homemade purple play-dough. Therapeutic and entertaining.

Thankful that I have enough energy to watch this little girl two days a week now. Thankful that, with encouragement, she will still have an afternoon nap for me, and that Mark returns home early to lighten the load (Thank you Irwin Tools!!) I also sleep especially well by the end of these days. I just need my eyesight to return so it doesn't look like two little girls running around, LOL.

Thankful for silly faces.



  1. So much to be thankful for!

    I must get you to teach me how to use photos in your blog!!!

    Mark xx

  2. We still think of you frequently. Its great to read of your improvements. Dont forget, one step at a time.Brian and Maureen Jameson

  3. Thank you for being the inspiration behind Thankful Thursday. It (and you and your family) has (or should it be 'have') made me so much more aware of the things for which I am thankful.

    When I first came to NZ in 2005 I was introduced to spirulina at a cafe in Hastings. I took a friend from the UK there a few months ago and related that fact. As she had never heard of it I asked for one. The lady behind the counter had never heard of it. Nor had anyone else there. Eh? But I know where to get in in Napier!

    PS There was no carrot cake where I had coffee this morning! Disaster!

  4. Glad you're recovering well and a great tip indeed on the Spirulina - I could do with some of that!


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