Monday, April 18, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrr Winter has arrived in Whangaparaoa!

It is decidedly cold in the winterless North today. I didn't grab a jersey as I left the house, but I actually wish I had.


I left the house today.

To attend a hospital appointment to discuss my future. A bright and long future. The discussion was held with a particularly caring and empathetic registrar. I felt cared about and listened to. I really appreciate medical staff who treat us as people, not numbers.

I left the hospital feeling.................hopeful. Very hopeful. It's such a good feeling to have right now, this week, month, year!!

Ok, I'm really not into narcissism, I'm not that happy about having my photo taken BUT.........I have decided my hairdresser is an ANGEL. Who?............can recreate a fringe and hair style......when half of the front has been shaved off. My hairdresser!! A new parting, some cool layers, chuck a straightener through it and nobody would ever know. I am very pleased, and almost feel like me again. THE NEW ME!!!!

But back to the weather. It is COLD here today. I think I may have acclimatised since moving away from the South Island. This year I'm feeling it.
It is great to get out the layers again. I have missed wearing my boots and scarves. Bring it on!!!

See, the sea view was quickly disappearing under rain clouds.

See, the outside balls are sitting idle and some even weathering.........

See, the sand pit, come toybox is catching rainwater.

And the swing is sad and lonely :-(

Even the mint is looking less green and the Pukeko isn't prancing ;-)

Sadly the strawberries are wintering down.

Happily, the blankies and remote are handy.

.........and the girls are enjoying a range of easter crafts.

Welcome to the North, Winter!!

Jaz xx


  1. Great Jasmine, I always look forward to reading your blog and news. Wrap up well and dont catch a cold.

    Love to you and the family

    BJaze, in the wintery south, with added shakes as a garnish!!! xx

  2. Well, Jaz, you look absolutely stunning and, no, I wouldn't be able to tell. I'm so glad that things went well with the Doc. I think the great majority of them are caring individuals who do regard us as people.

    Yes. Autumn is turning towards winter and I've been bunkered down today waiting for tomorrow and the promised sun. I only have 7 sleeps until I migrate North.

  3. Love the new haircut Jaz, you look gorgeous! Your hairdresser did a great job :o)

  4. wow you look gorgeous!! I was staring at the first pic for awhile wondering how in the world your hair had grown back so fast and then wondered if it were an old photo before I read about the hairdresser :)
    I bet it's colder here.....;)

  5. Totally freezing here today so bit the bullet and put the down quilt on, and the electric blanket was dug out of the top wardrobe... and have even run the oil heater. Been trying to keep it off as we expect the power to go off regularly this winter and they have asked us to avoid overloading the system...

    Love the hair :) I was really impressed at the time how they didn't just shave your whole head! Still, you would look just as beautiful in a bandana...
    Looking forward to seeing you all in a month

  6. Hey gorgeous. Lovely to hear that you've been receiving great care from your medical team. Long may that continue. Love that you are feeling so positive about your bright future. As indeed it will be!

    And to second what so many others have said, you are truly beautiful, long hair short hair or no hair it wouldn't matter, but the hairdresser has given you a great style nonetheless. I love going - no matter how I feel walking in there I always feel a million dollars walking out and sometimes I'd pay anything to feel like that even just for a couple of days :-)

    It was FREEZING here too yesterday - I thought the house was going to lift off its foundations a couple of time in the southerly.

    Have a great week xx

  7. Hair or no hair in my eyes youre an absolute stunner! A lovely mum, wife and friend.

    Every day with you sick or not is a gift that I am truely thankful for.

    Mark XXXXx

  8. oh Jaz you look absolutely beautiful!
    sorry I have just been catching up on your posts & am happy that you are feeling like yourself again.
    Mark did a wonderful job with his posts!
    hope you have a wonderful day & keep up that spirulina. I think I may have to get some aswell.
    big hugs to you ♥


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