Friday, April 1, 2011

My turn!

Well its been a few weeks since my last blog, Jaz has taken full control which to be fair was a huge relief as I found writing both therapeutic and a burden especially when Jaz was very ill. I remember writing every night to keep you all updated which I really wanted to do but the only problem was that when it came to proof reading before posting I often got quite emotional!!! They were tough times and I think I was almost running on autopilot for most of it!

As I write this entry Molly and Phoebe are in bed happily reading and Caitlin and her friend are watching Glee on TV. Tonight Sophie and Caitlin are having a sleep over for her 11th birthday.
Jaz is having a nap, today has been a big one for her. A walk on the beach with a friend, the creation of a perfect Carrot Cake for Caitlin and the dentist! She is such a trooper. Regardless of her condition that woman always tries to do her bit.

So while all is quiet I thought Id sneak on here and catch up with you all!!!!

Life has been a lot better since Jaz came home, the girls are so happy to have Mum back. Its so nice to see them around their mum. Jaz is a wonderful mother, caring, loving, understanding and always there for each of them. You can imagine with 3 girls demanding her attention she always manages to give them enough of what they need - their Mothers love. When Jaz was in hospital a social worker said to me that I have the perfect opportunity to bond with my girls while she was in hospital. I think we have, and Im thankful for the opportunity but even more thankful that our little family is complete once again.

So the girls are happy Jaz is home but I think I might be even happier!!! I remember when I saw Jaz for the first time almost 16 years ago, my heart skipped a beat then and I still experience that feeling now. There is no other person I would want to spend my life with.

So life seems to be going along nicely, we still have challenges along the way but with each others support and love that tumor doesn't stand a chance.

Well thats it from me!!!

Great talking to you all again

Be safe



  1. Oh! You bring tears to my eyes. What a wonderful man and family you are!

  2. Hey Jaz
    Thanks 4 comments on my blog, glad to hear you are getting better.
    Can't believe Caitlin is 11. Happy Birthday Caitlin.
    J & C

  3. Great to get an update from you again Mark. And also to hear that together you're keeping strong and positive about your future together. Yay team Treacy :-)


  4. Mark, I've just returned from Northland and read your very moving post. You and Jaz are two exceptional people and it is heart-warming to see your feelings expressed so publicly and so eloguently. May you both always have happy hearts.

  5. Sneaky sausage!!

    I should take a nap more often. Thanks for your lovely comments Mark. (Better get your GP to check that irregular heart beat!!! :-)
    Love you

  6. Awww, Mark, that's a gorgeous post! You are an amazing, inspiring family - love all the respect and admiration you have for one another :)


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