Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and ANZAC

What a great weekend. The weather has been unsettled, but a great excuse to eat chocolate and watch movies.

We did the normal family things, and the not so normal for us.

Date night for Mr Treacy and I. An early booking so as to avoid crowds, noise and to ensure I didn't fall asleep in my dessert. Thanks to inspration from a Masterchef episode, we chose to dine on Tapas. The restaurant; Bolero, in Albany was quite scrummy and just the fact that we were out in the evening together (despite the early hour), without kids to watch, was fab :-)'s night time and I'm still awake, (and Mark isn't holding me up either).
Thanks for a nice evening my lovely man!

Long weekends mean swings to be swung...

and enjoying a moment of sun.......

And despite the amount of chocolate consumed over the weekend, there is always time and space for ice-blocks.

ANZAC DAY: Phoebe has a new routine since daylight savings began. The 5.30am starts are a bit painful, but this morning it seemed appropriate. The sun rose outside our kitchen while the last post and pipes were playing on the live television coverage. I will attend a dawn service one day, but today I was glad to be snuggled up in my dressing gown as it was pouring down in the North this morning!! I guess those young lads sitting in trenches on a rainy morning many years earlier were no doubt thinking of their own warm kitchens back home.
Every anzac day we use Grandma's Edmonds cookbook to make the ANZAC biscuits. Two batches this year. Mark's perfectly executed and mine; tasty but without the rolled oats (oops). Silly error, but the taste delicious and both batches are CHEWY!! Love them. Check out last year's post on the ANZC topic here

And this..........which is in here cause it makes me giggle like crazy, is Phoebe's view of the world. Funny, happy girl!!

I hope your weekend break was memorable.



  1. Sitting here in the Auckland International Departure lounge I shall leave NZ on this occasion with the positive and happy thoughts of both your and Fi's posts. Go well Treacy Family. You are an inspiration. (I know, everyone keeps saying that. You know why? 'Cos you are!).

  2. Awwww...what a fab fun family weekend together. Yay for date nights (and who cares how early they are?! I'm a nana at the best of times so the thought of an early date night appeals to me too!). Loving the Anzac bikkies - especially the his and hers batches xx

  3. Mmm ANZAC bikkies, might have to make some tomorrow (why didn't I think to make some today). Happy Easter to you and your family. Loving all your happy photos xx

  4. Lovely to read your blog Jasmin. Love Bjaze xx

  5. Those biccies look great - well done!! Looking forward to eating something yum over a coffee with you next month :)

    Great to have had a date night - about time! Hope the rain and wind are not too bad for you way up there...


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