Monday, March 21, 2016

Plasticity and Monkeys

Sheeeeesssssh it is hot in Canterbury, NZ today.

30+ degrees two or three days in a row. I just can't do this heat anymore.
I have no idea why. Getting older?? Brain fatigue?? Who knows??
It's just too hot to do anything at all, sadly.

Hey I've been reading about my favourite subject lately. 
Brain plasticity.
Got images of a brain able to be moulded?? Like plasticine??
 I did when I first learnt that word.

It is simply the brain's ability to develop, make connections and learn. 
Much easier when young but the brain's ability to do this remains forever! Amazing.

I am in particular very thankful for my own personal plasticity. 
It also helps me understand as I parent my three girls that a growth mindset is super important. Our brain can learn anything!!!

It seems that music allows us to use more of our brains at the same time. In MRIs our brain lights up like a Christmas tree on both hemispheres!!! Even simply listening to music will do this.
Imagine the lights inside a small child's brain!!!
So cool.

Some of the neurological readings are super heavy going and my own brain plasticity is stretched for sure. My eyes struggle with praranaud syndrome not being able to scan very efficiently. But it is really rewarding stuff.

Let's finish with some kid pics!
A annual pass to Willowbank is a brilliant idea for a family and photography student.

Willowbank Monkeys :-)

And our little monkeys!

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  1. I wish that I had used more of my brain when I was young. I'd love to think that the brain can learn anything and I don't doubt you are correct Jaz. However I wish that I'd had the self motivation in those early days.


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