Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jaz's brother came to stay!

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from my brother saying he had some leave from work and
was thinking about a long weekend up with us in Stanmore Bay.......was I up for it??

I very quickly jumped on skype and he booked flights on the spot!!!

Gee wizz I was excited.
Hey I love this place, but there is a limit to how many days a housewife and mum can spend talking to herself or the nine month old baby. I do occasionally talk to the fridge, but only when the neighbours are not watching.

So my bro gave me about three days notice.......which made it even more exciting, but then I realised that the poor guy was going to have to sleep on boxes. The spare bedroom being the last room to organise. In fact I hadn't even unwrapped the plastic off the new guest-bed ( buying of this outlined in earlier post).
Well,, there is nothing like having a guest arrive to get me motivated. I had the boxes sorted and new bed unwrapped in a day, clean sheets and room smelling fresh the next. Very pleased with my efforts I stood back and realised that now I was ready for any visitors.

Fantastic.........get booking flights friends!!!

I picked my brother up on first trip to airport on my own, easy! I have sussed this traffic thing!!! I even negotiated the harbour bridge lanes despite a nasty accident throwing the lanes into havoc earlier.
Unfortunately I managed to very nearly getting him, Molly, Phoebe and myself lost on the way home. We did a nice tikki tour past one-tree hill instead LOL
But we found the motorway eventually and got home safe and sound.

Saturday we explored the beaches of Whangaparaoa. It was sunny but quite fresh. Very much like a Canterbury day, just a few degrees milder.
My brother and Caitlin combing the rocks at Shakepear Bay, Whangaparaoa

Our tribute to

Lots to be found on the rocks for the Treacy family

Sunday we all ventured into Auckland to visit MOTAT, Museum of Transport and Technology. Fantastic fun awesome examples of engineering and New Zealand history. The kids thought it was great.

Mark and Molly using whisper dishes...Caitlin was listening at other dish a few metres away.

Luke and Molly on very cool old train.

Girls and I on tram.

Monday, the kids went off the school and kindy so Luke, Phoebe and I visited Devonport.
Northland really turned the weather on for us and the view from North head was incredible, looking out over Auckland city. We visited Devonport chocolates and wandered through shops and cafes. It was a gorgeous, relaxing day. A nice way to finish a great long weekend with my bro!

One last note:
This sign, spotted by my brother on a little side street in Devonport totally bewildered me..............the most hilarious thing I have seen in ages.
Doing what?????

I want to work there..............I can do stuff.

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  1. Love that view from Devonport...

    and my kids always adored a visit to MOTAT... in fact we lost Liam there one day when he was about 4. After 15 mins of panic we found him safely in the entry kiosk with a security guard. Apparently he had approached the nice safe man in uniform to announce he was lost....which was a timely reminder that anyone dressed in a uniform could have just as easily taken him away for ever!
    Glad that bed is ready - 7 weeks today until we arrive :)


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