Friday, August 28, 2009

What have we been up to lately??

It has been a while since I sat down to this blog. The fact is, when you get settled into your family routine again after shifting, life continues on in it's familiar way. I haven't felt the urge to write.......but the recent "ground hog" day nature of life has prompted me to get typing.

Firstly, the kids are all busy at their schools so there of course is not a lot of "traveling ' going on. We did visit the Auckland museum two weekends ago which we all enjoyed.

Caitlin seemed mostly interested in bones and structures.....interesting.
Molly enjoyed the wildlife displays, birds etc and the antique dresses. Mark got caught up in the war memorabilia which was displayed in fantastic fashion....very impressive. I was just so very happy to be out of the house away from the washing machine having time together.
No, Mark doesn't take the children to the local was the Museum tavern in the street setting of Auckland, 1886

Molly's love for nature even stretches to the static displays. So much love for living things!!!

Phoebe got quite excited over the toy displays. Teddies and Dolls brought giggles and feet kicking!!!

Posing on a enormous fibreglass tree in the middle of the children's display area. It housed a brilliant tree hut!!!

We have kept away from the beaches lately due to the current 'toxin' scare. But I feel we will be back on them shortly. The days are getting longer, lighter and warmer. The trees around our house are now full of Tuis and Minors feeding off the new flowers. What an abosolutely gorgeous sound filtering through my window as I sit here writing. The baby is sleeping and all I can hear are several different varieties of birdcall. Including the cheeky Minor out the back that imitates a telephone ringing. The kids love him!

Our plans for the near future include heading up to Matakana for the weekend Farmers market. I remember seeing this market on Television one and it had a fantastic rep up here. It is set up in circular fashion with huge umbrellas covering every stall. Sounds to me as if Matakana has grown quite a bit since I lived up that way several years ago.
Can't wait for that trip. Maybe tomorrow if the weather continues to be so lovely.

The next three months are bringing visitors to our humble abode. Fabulous!
In fact, we have someone visiting us every month until we return to Canterbury for Christmas.
What an absolute treat.........


  1. Thinking about your "not a lot of 'Traveling' going on" comment... I guess traveling doesn't have to be a physical thing... we are all traveling through Time and/or Life.
    Some of us don't notice the view on the way as much as others.
    How we cope with traveling through life itself could make an interesting blog.

    You mentioned the Minor bird... I was wondering how many new critters the kids have noticed in their world, now that they live on planet Auck?
    Or are they doing the typical kid thing of adapting to everything new as if it had always been in their world?

  2. Yesterday the girls saw two Tuis feasting on nectar in tree in our section.
    They are certainly amazed at the variety of shells etc on the beaches which are so very different from downsouth.
    I have found some very scary looking North Island earwig/centipede/scorpion thingies which are harmless I believe but come out unexpectedly to scare me occasionally.
    Cockroahes and ants are about especially on a warm day.
    With spring and summer approaching I think we will discover quite a bit more...i can't wait to find those amazing ladybirds we saw when we lived up here!!
    Jaz x


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