Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Well...a quiet week can still bring a few loves.

So many things to enjoy.
As at many preschools children are often asked to sneeze or cough into their sleeves to avoid the spread of germs

Phoebe enjoyed sharing her 'elephant sneezing' routine. It's how her teachers obviously make germ control fun!!!

I love how sharing these things also makes her giggle. We love Pheeb's giggle.

Oh and the amount of artwork that ends up on the bench!!

Get a load of this folks. Thanks to the radiotherapy, I officially have short and curlys behind my ears. The new hair is soft and forming baby type ringlets. Awwwwwwww.
Yeah, it'd be cute if the rest of my hair wasn't straight!!! LOL

I love this old world rambling rose in my new garden.

I may sound a bit sad but I love it when my linen cupboard looks like this
(at least once a year). Actually I think I'm just really pleased to have the energy to achieve this now!!!

I REALLY love covering the garden with pea-straw, ready for autumn and winter

It always reminds me of a winter duvet pulled out of the cupboard and the garden all snuggled up for a new season.
Love Mark's attempt to keep the cats off the new young vege plants. Blooming puss-cats!!

Loving the patience of this lovely puppy.

Phoebe has started to draw people. Wonderful additions like limbs and nostrils are now included. Mark and I aren't just 'heads' anymore.

I was scheduled for an MRI this afternoon, but the technician went home ill. I'm guessing I'll now be photographed next week. Positive thoughts and love our way please. We of course are hoping for either no growth or even some die off of the tumour. We'd be happy with either.

My eldest girl turns 12 on Sat. Golly. Twelve years of parenting.
I'm looking forward to the next twelve.
Take care and have a great weekend.
Jaz xx


  1. Thanks for your interesting quotes and thoughts

    Brian Jameson xxx

  2. Ahhhhhhhh! Your ears must be burning... we wondered where the next blog was.
    Love from the old gals from you know where.

  3. What a lovely post Jaz. Not just because it shows the delightful Phoebe giggle, your patient pup and all the other things that are part of your life, but because it's showing that you are feeling and showing that you feel that bit better. For which I and many many others (some of whom you will never know) are very grateful. And yes, positive thoughts will be winging their way on your behalf.

  4. Am sending good positive thoughts your way, love the photo's too :-)

  5. Phoebe is just too cute. Those drawings are incredible Cooper still doing squiggles! Please let us know MRI results. Bec xxoo


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