Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yes. It is Thursday again and I have plenty to be thankful for . Let's see how my head and eyes go at telling you all about it.

Firstly. I met the Neurosurgical team here in Christchurch yesterday. Just a catch up and opportunity to discuss my next MRI. Good news is... the MRIs are now six monthly (as long as nothing nasty is seen). One day it might be yearly. Oh ...something to look forward to!!
I caught up with a regstrar who had been present for my first surgery last year. She was over joyed to see me looking so well, walking, moving, talking etc. Of course, Mark reminds me often of how far I have come, but seeing her reaction was very cool. I often feel a bit trapped still and that recovery from all of last year's happenings just won't happen. But it is happening, gradually, but surely!!

Aside from eyes and brains I try to focus on other things in my life.
Please let me introduce you to our new 5 month old puppy, Rosie.

True love!!

Rosie and Lucy taking a little longer!!! (And yes, that is my bed, and I'm meant to fit in there somewhere!!!!!)

She is not really meant to do this..shhh

I LOVE this!! Every morning when the girls are picked up by a friend for school she watches them go. " Bye Caitlin and Molly"
I just need to teach her how to wave :-)

Last but not least. I am once again thankful for how hard my hubby Mark is working. I am so proud of you Mark.

Jaz xx


  1. aw how cute that last shot is. Reminds me of MR Zak zak...watching as the older kids go off to school!
    Glad you are feeling a little better.

  2. Aw cutie pie puppy...and yes you have come SUCH a long way..hope you can always celebrate the improvements so far and all that is still to come but WILL come xx

  3. Good to see your thoughts on Your blog. We think of you and your family often, and you are also in our prayers.

    Brian J xx

  4. Wonderful to see you posting again in your new environment. Those photos have to be some of the warmest and cutest photos I've seen for a long time.


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