Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Rental Property

What does a woman, man, their three girls and two cats do when their house sells quickly and there are a few weeks before they leave for Auckland?
Buy a vacant rental property...of course!
Despite a gloomy economic outlook by most, we had cash buyers fall in love with our King St villa on the second open home. Not too surprising really, as this happened to us only two years prior, but it did mean that after a quick settlement we suddenly needed somewhere to live before venturing up north.

It was in the same week that we put an offer on and bought a cute little 3 bedroom house on West Belt, Rangiora. We have camped here now for a few weeks, on borrowed furniture and dressing each day out of suitcases. Fun? Well....character building.  I am surprised by the things I miss. Not the fancy appliances from my kitchen (although a cheese grater will be a novelty again) but little personal items, photos, comforting belongs that make a home and represent our family. 
Still the rental property allowed us to put our sale money into a good investment and it really has been better than living in a motel...I think!

The eve of our leave is getting closer. Caitlin and Molly both have their last days tomorrow and are apprehensive. I have spent the entire week saying goodbye to people in a variety of ways and Mark and I both agreed this evening that it is emotionally draining.

I also waved goodbye to my car this week. It is currently being railed up to Mark's new work premises for us to pick up shortly after our own arrival on Sunday. Molly cried, thinking she might never see it again. A quick chat of reassurance and she was fine :-)

Family members move into our rental with us tomorrow and will continue on as our tenants when we leave. We are ever grateful to them and others for lending furniture etc these past weeks.

Only 3 sleeps to go!

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