Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So our journey began with Crown Removal company coming and packing our things around us. It was a very bizarre experience as my 'treasures' disappeared into boxes leaving only beds, suitcases, t.v and a couch to live on for a couple of nights.

On the third day of packing a huge container arrived that seemed to consume the entire driveway. All our belongings were about to head to Lyttleton and forwarded on to the Auckland Crown Storage Warehouse. These removal boys were so fast and efficient that I quickly  placed six month old Phoebe carefully outside the house to avoid her also being whipped away, tightly wrapped and shipped to Auckland. Morning tea in the sun!!! :-)

Our short, but productive time at the King St villa was over.

The next leg of our journey would begin at our newly acquired rental property on WEst Belt, Rangiora

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