Monday, May 25, 2009

The Treacys Have Landed

Watch out Auckland....we have arrived!

My eyes hurt....I've stopped crying now, but gee whizz we shed a few on leaving Canterbury!!
Sunday morning we arrived at Christchurch Airport with two very large, piled high trolleys of luggage. Leaving Rangiora and saying goodbye to Mark's family was hard enough....but we discovered many more lovely people at the airport to shed a tear with.

Despite the sky consumed with foggy clouds the take off and the flight was surprisingly smooth and being the nervous traveller that I have become (only after a shocking landing at Wellington few years ago), I actually enjoyed it. Watching Molly's face as she experienced the thrill of flying for the first time was a wonderful distraction. Phoebe fed, slept and then chatted throughout. 
Caitlin recovered quickly from the ChCh Security officer confiscating her school scissors that were considered too sharp and large!!! Harrowing experience for her :-(
She soon cheered up as the Sky tower came into view....or the "Macdonalds Tower" as Molly yelled out to everyone on board. She assumed it must belong to the golden arches franchise as we did inform her that there were some very large Macdonalds restaurants up North. (HeeHee)

Walking through Auckland airport was family with smiles or hugs for us! We felt a little numb. Mark and I wondering for a small moment whether we had made the right decision.

Our  "Cassa Bella" house is very nice, comfortable and has everything we need.....thank you Irwin! Molly was over the moon to find channel 45 on Sky was available!!! LOL

Interesting how your priorities change when leaving one home for another. I did manage to make the babies bed, an important task to get done quickly on arrival. But the following photo shows how important it was to get "online". LOL
Well, at least it did mean I could chat with folks back home and let them now we were happy and settled. :-)

Since then we have stocked the larder....from the biggest Pak n Save the kids will probably ever visit and have started the hunt for a house to rent. 
The cats have calmed down and made themselves comfortably at home which is a relief.
Gone into Mark's work and introduced the girls to his workmates and scribbled on the whiteboard in his office. Phoebe was a hit...maybe I'll have some baby sitters????

HUGE day for Jaz (me) and the girls tomorrow; Mark starts work and I will have my first driving lesson in the North Shore. I think I might be borrowing Mark's GPS for a week, but the lovely lady commentating is particularly annoying and might drive me over the edge....well let's hope not. We picked up my car today. It had arrived safe and sound and I'm glad to have it with me. 

The exploring can begin....

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  1. Love seeing the girls online! Was so good to chat too - definitely a high priority to feel less isolated and reassure us all :)
    Next :)
    fi x


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