Monday, June 1, 2009

House-hunting, beach combing and brunch!

Mark's first week at work went smoothly.
My previous post described some of the activities the girls and I have packed into five week days.We have driven much of the North Shore now in hunt of the house that has what we need at the right price.

The long weekend came and we spent Saturday showing Mark Red Beach and then moved onto lovely Stanmore Bay. What beautiful views and peace and quiet. So lovely!
On a positive house-hunting note we found several properties to investigate out there as well! I'll keep you posted on the house front as it develops.

Sunday morning arrived, blues skies and sun (sleet and freezing windchill reported down in Canterbury).
We decided to treat the kids, and ourselves to a day without any real estate activities and drove over the harbour bridge, past the skytower and into the Viaduct for a lazy Sunday brunch.
The kids spent most of the drive looking upwards at high rises in awe LOL!

Filling up on blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs we also got to watch some "rigging' in training on a cool little boat moored right beside our table.

We saw the ferries on the waterfront and found the "Hilton".

While bathing in sunshine we rang Mark's parents (North Canterbury) who didn't believe we had warmth and sunlight. While Mark was chatting on the phone to them I jumped up to take a photo to email them! Maybe they will be believe us now!!!

Following brunch we made our way over to Devonport to ogle at waterfront mansions....(ok so maybe a little property activity) lol
Then to Takapuna beach for handmade ice cream; Mixed berry, Licorice, Feijoa and Yoghurt. Delicious!

Phoebe enjoyed a little sand in her toes before the clouds rolled in for a typical Auckland downpour.

The evening brought dinner at with new friends at their house and a chilly night...Cantabrians will be pleased to hear.

It was nice to have time together, but back into house-hunting this coming week............

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  1. Great to see you all enjoying the sun, even if it did rain later :)
    Been googling some of the areas you are looking at... good to see they are all near a beach... been checking out the new twin tunnels near Waiwera where we used to stay regularly - wow!
    Good luck house hunting this week.


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