Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleeping easy - new beds...

So this week has been a little slower...our news?
We have found a rental property in Stanmore Bay  (19b Waiora Rd) if you want google map it!!!
The move-in date isn't until the 19th of June so the racing around has stopped and I can enjoy my children's company and the surroundings.
I shall wait until we move in to blog about the new place. Then I can include photos for you all!!

This weekend Mark and I went bed shopping (armed with cash from our house sale). As we are very new to the Auckland area we started our bed research online. The big question being: Where can you buy a very comfortable bed, at a very comfortable price :-)

A place emerged well above the rest, aptly named 'Kiwibeds'. The lovely G.P.S lady in Mark's car took us on a crazy  tikki tour of West Auckland ....we need to check her current settings! We laughed as we went around and through all sorts of suburbs, but the hungry kids in the back, prone to car sickness were over it in about half an hour!!!

On arriving at our destination Miss G.P.S announced "route guidance completed, you are about to reach your destination". A round of applause from all children in the back seat!!!
The guy who greeted us at the warehouse door was friendly and extremely jolly. The kids obviously looked tired and in need of beds ! LOL 
And as we have three of them....rubbing his hands with glee he began his 'BED SPEAL".

Well.......little did I know....there is a lot to learn about beds. Springs or no springs.....foam or not.
Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, Gigantic supreme...the list goes on. It's more difficult than choosing a gourmet pizza!!!!!!

As I have suffered from a sore back lately and am about to move into an area with a few hills to climb. I knew I wanted lots of support and NO roll-together. Mark and I are not quite into single beds yet...too chilly in winter. LOL

Well I found the DREAM bed. It reminds me of a beautifully baked Victoria sponge. Medium to firm, yet molds to your body. I just wont be adding jam to this one!!!
It is made from the most amazing 'memory foam', developed and used by NASA and when you lie down on it you could be on a cloud,,,,,yet your entire body still feels supported. BLISS..mmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I'm tempted to see if you can purchase cot mattresses out of the same stuff. Phoebe might return to sleeping through the night again. I'm ever hopeful!!

So at the end of our purchase we happily choose the baked delight for us,, a delicious new mattress for growing girl Cailtin and ...wait for it people........a new, comfy double guest bed !!!
Time to start booking those flights lovely people!!!! LOL

How wonderful....they will all be delivered to our new home on Friday the 19th June.

My next piece of exciting news is that the girls and I are driving south to Waiouru...yes without Mark. A truly girly road trip to stay with my cousin, her husband and gorgeous baby girl.
We leave on Tuesday morning and will be taking photos along the way of the event. Can't wait!!

Stay tuned for the 'road trip' post..........

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