Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first baby starts school.....again

So my first baby started her new school last week and has now settled in nicely.

Why this deserved a blog? Well,,,sending her off last Monday morning was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do,,,other than give birth to her of course lol. Really!

It was more difficult than her very first day at school when she was five. At five years old she was soooo ready to leave preschool and hit the big time.
Cailtin started school at Ashley School where I had already been working for three years. She knew my classroom and most, if not all, the teachers and teacher aides. It was a very smooth transition into the classroom for both of us.
It was also expected, planned etc and I had been a working mum so was quite used to leaving her each morning at preschool, until Molly was born.

So last week began with huge emotion. I felt very mean asking her do and go somewhere that she didn't really want. What right did I have removing her from a small, supportive school environment where she was extremely happy and settled? I have always believed in the
saying " if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
Part of this emotion was born from remembering the many changes I had in my childhood, which included changing many schools. I remember the loneliness, the fear, the anxiety...of day and possibly week one.
Caitlin came home from her first day with a sad face. My heart nearly shriveled up and died.
Some of her expectations had not been met,,,high expectations I must add. She was used to having a best friend and knowing every face in the school.
The first day was a disappointment to her. I reminded her that good things do take time and that she really should give herself until the end of the first week to make any real judgment about her new class and school.

On a purely selfish note,,,I had also found myself in a very odd position.
I was usually one of the staff, knowing the inside secrets and inner working of the school. Suddenly I am the dreaded "teacher parent". Yes, one of 'those' parents that simply can't resist putting comments in her own daughter's homework book. Comments that look suspiciously like report comments. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!
As the week progressed I saw a change in my gorgeous daughter. She began entering the house or car door with her usual spring in her step and lovely smile. She has a friend,,in fact, two BEST friends. My heart jumped up and did a dance when the first phone number came home. She is even walking up the hill from our house to and home from school. Molly, Phoebe and I waving furiously every day!!!

So it was over the weekend that I reflected, hindsight being a remarkable thing. I do remember the joy of making new friends. I know how flexible, change has made me over the years.
Despite any sorrow we might have caused her over the last month I hope that in the long run Caitlin will be a better person for it. She will be adaptable, flexible, reflective and have skills that are transferable across many avenues.

A big move certainly brings challenges with it and we are all experiencing it in different ways.
I cant wait until Molly starts kindy in Term 3. She had a visit recently and decided it was four year old heaven!! That should be a fantastic blog to write.

On an more positive and fun note. Phoebe has enjoyed the challenge of having a stair-gate in our two storey house. She likes to rattle it and squeals with delight if she can get Caitlin's attention from out of her downstairs bedroom.
We also have to watch we don't trip over the assorted items that get thrown down the steps between the bars.

If you lose something in this house...check the stairwell!

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  1. Hi Jasmine, I don't know what it was like at your other schools, but if your daughter makes friends as easily as you did in form 1 at Mahu, she will be fine. I must admit I've never thought about what it must be like for children who change schools lots, as I always went to the same school and was very envious of glamorous students like you who came and left! Now I realise things are not as simple as that. Alarna :)


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