Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Investors, Gymnasts and Composers

What day I have had...........

It began with clearing the toys to achieve the "on the market" look required around here. Then off to gymnastics, followed by real estate agents and builders visiting till early evening.
This house has been officially on the market for two days and it is under offer already. I KNOW!
Unbelievable huh?
But, no I'm not packing boxes just yet as the couple who have placed the offer and have had a builders report done today are investors and would be keen to keep us on as tenants if all goes well on paper.
PHEW....massive PHEW.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet, but things could be looking up, rather than OUT. Someone is looking out for us that's for sure. I'm wondering if we have some kind of guardian angel or something. This could mean that I may not have to participate in any open homes at all. I have everything crossed that it doesn't fall through.
I'll keep you posted on that front as it unravels.

Molly now goes to kindy everyday except Tuesdays. Tuesday is gym day. She is absolutely loving gymnastics and is developing excellent balance and confidence. Although pictured here on the low balancing wall, she can now walk along the high beam with arms outstretched. It's gotta be good for her wee brain.
After gym, back in the car Molly announced that she would like to be a 'zoo vet' and a mum when she grows up. In particular she wants to look after Giraffes. What a cool, career that could be!

Phoebe has decided that what Molly can do...........she can do also!
Gymnastics is really fun for Phoebe as well now. She recognises the teachers and obviously feels completely comfortable with the environment and equipment.

Because she is standing and walking she can reach equipment at a whole new level now!

I think she must be starting to teeth again because we seem to be getting the "tongue out" photos again lol.

These little trampolines give her the giggles and the big round one at home has her in fits when Molly gets on and bounces with her.
I must get some Arnica though as now she is walking her forehead has a smattering of bruises over it from bumping into various bits of furniture.

As "High Five" would quote 'she's got music in her bones.." Phoebe has a knack for finding anything that she can shake, rattle or strum in our house.
This afternoon Phoebe discovered the 'on' button to the keyboard set up in Caitlin's room. It was a rather abstract composition, but Nana Anne would have been proud :-)

I'll leave you with just a little snippet of Phoebe suddenly taking off on me at gymnastics!!!

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