Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh dear..........

The offer on the house I mentioned in my last post has fallen through. This means that we continue to be on alert for phonecalls and visits from real estate agents and enduring open homes on Sundays.
Supposedly the buliding report revealed a slightly dodgy roof that they were not willing to spend money on, fair enough. I did wonder myself. I thought the builders report would be one aspect that would put us off purchasing the property as well.
We are not even bothering buying property on one income. Our home ownership time will come again one day. At least we still have our foot in the market with our rental down south.

So.............once again we sit in limbo.
With no real point in looking for property to shift into because we simply don't know when we might need to leave. At least if it doesn't sell by Christmas we will probably leave anyway so as not to endure this "on the market" business any longer.

Not a lot has happened around here of late....a bit of linen washing as spring has sprung. Although getting the timing right between the showers can be tricky.

We have been saving outings for our visitors who arrive next Thursday. But I have been thinking about Christmas and exploring the shiops for interesting gifts.
Last weekend.......having to evacuate for the open home we headed to Sylvia Park Mall. The BIGGEST mall I have ever seen.
As far as malls go I thought it was quite attractive, on the inside. It feels like you are walking for miles as it stretches over a vast area, and we had to wear our sunnies for most of the distance. Although not completely open air it feels so open, bright and colourful with glass windows above you that allow the sun to flood the mall.
On arrival, Molly noticed the Bungy Trampolining, which she instantly wanted to try. It took her a bit to get used to the sensation but she stuck at it. I think Caitlin was quite proud of her sister because Caitlin herself is not keen on heights. Phoebe just thought it was downright hilarious and laughed at most bounces.

Other than mall combing things at home simply push on. We keep ourselves busy by.............

exploring cupboards..........

hiding remotes from dad...............

and dressing up :-)


  1. Six sleeps to go!!! We will try to be really tidy... and no problems getting out of there for open homes...Scott can vacuum and I will dust and tidy and wash...
    Sylvia Park sounds amazing.
    Looking forward to all the outings - booked the car yesterday so we are all go - landing 12pm and heading north :)

  2. I've just been hunting out other nz bloggers and realised our kids were in the same class at school! small world!!! Cute pics!


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