Thursday, September 3, 2009

The unthinkable is happening.......

Well, a few of you will have heard our latest 'traveling' news. Our landlord as decided to sell the property we are currently living in. Bummer :-(
He rang last night so Mark and I haven't had a lot of time to digest the news and even decide what our action plan will be.
But, it looks like we may be moving in the near future, depending on how the market is progressing at the moment. I have noticed a few houses selling around our area so things must be looking up a little.
After the initial shock and sleeping on it, I am now gradually resigning myself to undoing all the 'homemaking' of the past couple of months and uplifting the family again.
I simply cannot believe this is happening!!!

It's already started around here with the real-estate agent coming this afternoon to take photos. This means the house will need to be 'market' tidy every day and open homes every Sunday. Good grief!!!

In reflection, if we move again....I will have lived in FIVE different houses in 2009.
How many sane people do this???????
Supposedly the Treacys do. I'm wondering if we have nomadic ancestry or even gypsy?? Maybe gypsy, with my music skills.

If the worst comes to a head, we do have a very large camping tent we can pitch. As long as it hasn't rotted in the humidity. (Note to self: set up tent and check for mould).

Our options at this point:
* Buy this house.....mmmmm need a mortgage broker and a really thorough building report to know about that one.
* Buy another place......on one income in this part of NZ we might be mortgaged to the eyeballs.
* Go back to work. Two incomes will allow for a second mortgage. I would miss Phoebe a lot with this option and very busy juggling job and three kids :-(
* Hope that the person who buys the place wants to be a landlord and we can stay here for a while longer.
* Look for another rental near the kid's school. A realistic option, but tricky when we are tied to this property until 19th December if it hasn't sold by then.
* Pitch that tent!! LOL
Well......I'm not sure which option will be 'the one' but whatever happens it looks like I will have some traveling to blog about after all. And I thought life at home would be predictable........oh how I was wrong.
For some reason the universe is sending us on a tikki tour this year. I wonder where our path will lead and where we will end up for our kids high school years??!!

I'll finish with a awwwww moment for you. Lucy our lovely fluffy moggy is very good friends with Molly and they often spend time together in bed each night.
This morning when I went in to help Molly choose clothes for kindy I found Lucy snuggly tucked up in bed. Molly had got up for breakfast and pulled the blankies up under pussy's chin. She stayed there for at least an hour or so!!
Nice for some huh? But gorgeous :-)

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  1. Was so lovely to Skype with you all last night - was so hoping Mark was pulling your leg when he announced this bombshell but it is real. Felt bad dor you all night. Hadn't thought of the new person wanting tenants - could be an option, but still causes a lot of uncertainty for you meanwhile. Let alone more OPEN DAYS - aaaagh. Somehow they probably aren't so bad when you really want to sell the house- now they are just a nuisance for you.
    The girls looked wonderful - looking forward to seeing you all soon


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