Thursday, October 1, 2009

A lovely week ending in National Disaster

We have had a lovely weekend here in the Treacy household. Our visitors arrived last Thursday and left yesterday. The girls had a fantastic weekend at Kelly Tarltons and Auckland Zoo and were spoilt rotten. What a lovely start to their school holidays.
Molly thoroughly enjoyed the penguins at Kelly Tarltons and we all enjoyed a beautiful warm day at the Zoo. I was really impressed with the Zoo environment. What an amazing environment they have created. Several times during the day I forgot I was in the middle of a large, busy city. The labels and images of old; 'enclosures and cages' are simply outdated here. Wandering past a range of gorgeous creatures it didn't even feel as if we were at a zoo. 
Mark was a little disappointed that the bird aviary was under renovation so we will have to visit again in summer.
Our visitors experienced the most rain we have had since moving up here, typical huh!
But we did manage to have a nice time together, sightseeing and chilling out at home.

Yesterday was a sad conclusion to their visit. Waking to a Tsunami warning was probably the the last thing they expected. I have been following the event closely online and am sad about the extent of the devastation in Samoa. Large Tsunamis like that of the 2004 Boxing Day disaster and the recent deluge in Samoa must strike so quickly, it's difficult to imagine here in the comfort of my lounge. Storms around the world are also making people's lives unbelievably horrific.

Here in New Zealand I am disgusted to see that some of us can't even take a Tsunami warning seriously. 
What were their parents doing????

Ten minutes up the road (north) from us at Orewa beach surfers waited eagerly on boards to 'ride' the coming wave, ignoring police advice. Surfers also were seen at Gisborne and New Brighten beaches.  SouthEast from us at Takapuna Beach dogs were being walked and a couple of families were filmed taking their children down to the beach for a 'coffee' (which I think probably translates as a gawk at the Tsunami).
I was annoyed with these New Zealanders! Yes, it is pretty fascinating.....I'd like to watch a small tidal surge myself, but doesn't this undermine the efforts of local civil defense and police. Doesn't this teach others that it's ok to ignore rules or guidelines just because you think the threat is minimal??? 
Personally I would get to higher ground as an example to others and because I'm one of those citizens that quite like rules. I will question and challenge some of them but am happy to be a "rules" girl
Thankfully the Tsunami threat to New Zealand was lifted within the day and a few areas simply experienced an increase of swell around coastal inlets and wharves. I'm sure those people who were rubber necking and surfing are disappointed and thinking "I told you so......". I guess they were the lucky ones. But I do know that there are some New Zealanders currently grieving family members and awaiting news from others in Samoa. 
Sadly for many Samoan families the news will be grim :-(

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  1. We too were sorry to read how badly Samoa has been damaged - far worse than initial news reports implied. Now more earthquakes in Indonesia and Peru... must get a map out and see where the plates are moving as there seems to be a chain reaction happening.

    The rain didn't worry us - there was sun between it and warm weather - and we had some beautiful days! The zoo was lovely - and Takapuna too :) Just lovely to see you all again - roll on Xmas...



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