Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy Sunday drive

On Sunday we visited the sleepy little town of Warkworth, about a 40min drive north of us. We wandered about in the rain, had coffee and warm food in front of a fire at a riverside bar and explored the few shops which stayed open on a Sunday.
We had ventured out in the rain of course because Sunday is open home day at our house and every weekend we need to vacate the property for a few hours.

On our way up to Warkworth, approx 15min before the town I noticed a peculiar building hanging in a tree. It looked like a large wasps nest or some other very large insect!!

In fact I quickly recognised it as the "Treehouse" which the building of was covered on Television and supported by the Yellow pages. It is pretty amazing to see first hand tucked back off the main road in a Redwood forest area. We stopped and pulled in for a closer look. It appeared to be completely deserted so we didn't get a look inside.
Back home I checked it out online and found that it is not functioning as a restaurant anymore, but can be hired out for private events, weddings etc.
What a cool location for a party......up a tree!!

Check out the "Treehouse" here.

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