Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Joys of new foods!

Miss nearly one year old (one week away!!!) has almost completed the most exhausting and challenging year of her life. The first year is incredible.

Babies grow HUGE amounts in their first year, which is why they also need so much food and sleep. We have made it once again through this first year of her life and I feel a big SIGH of relief coming on. My little "Be" is demanding, cheeky, vivacious...........delicious!

But I think the "third time" might have taken it's toll. I caught I glimpse of my 30 something self yesterday and am wondering how I could have made three stunning blonde creatures and look so tired myself!!! Oh no! Some 'me' time might be needed ahead!!!
Where and when did the dull tired skin appear??? The lines across my face are threatening to join up. It reminds me of that decorative finish on vintage "crackled" furniture. I am not ready to be classed as vintage yet!!!!
The pregnancy weight has almost gone, thanks to the detox!!!.........varicose veins remain unfortunately (gorgeous long flowing skirts this summer!!!!). Eyeballs are looking sleepy even though the baby now sleeps through the night. I'm thinking that maybe three babies and many sleepless night later I look years older than I am!!!

What will I do about this?
Stand beside older people as often as I can??? Bit drastic just to help you feel younger.
What I really need is about a month at an international spa.....without children. The silly thing is I would miss them terribly and probably be on the next plane home be the end of week one.
Well it's not really an option so I will just douse myself in oils to rehydrate and treat my insides like a temple. Maybe I can repair and come out glowing again!!!

Meanwhile, Miss "be" continues to experience new things everyday including foods.
Last evening was Macaroni cheese night, but as she is dairy free her pasta dish included beef minus the cheese.

As we all know in all things in life it's all about technique, which is why I took these
messy photos. We laughed.........maybe you will too. Especially those of you who know little miss personally.

Sucking it in..........

The tongue can help too............

Even the whole face is useful!

Of course I then had the dilemma of how I was going to clean it all off her. We never made it to the bathroom. lol She helped me clean the pots as well :-)

Well done "Be" for making it this far in our madhouse. Well done to Mummy and Daddy T for getting through it a third time. xx


  1. You don't look like that at all!!! You still look wonderful... but I can believe you are tired. I remember feeling tired with three... and yet it was much easier with 4 :) Moving house so often is very draining though - it seems so unfair to make you do it all again so quickly....

    Love the photos - and the bath! Good to see she has such a good appetite and wide smiles.
    Big hugs to you all

  2. awww! love the photos! how sweet! xox

  3. He He!
    I think sometimes how we are feeling inside gives us a distorted view of our outsides. I got over it and moved on.

    Yes! Phoebe is proving to be cute in ANY location!

    Jaz x


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