Saturday, October 3, 2009

Counting my blessings

I watched the news this evening with a sick feeling in my stomach. The Earthquake and Tsunami damage is beyond belief. It is far too easy to forget or ignore it as we go about our Saturday business here in the Treacy household. Well, even if I watched it all day, what could a NZ mum of three do for them anyway??
On my way home from grocery shopping I noticed a sign outside a local church that struck a chord. One simple question; have you counted your blessings today?

As I watched the news broadcast of the injured Samoa woman attending the burial of her two young children I felt quite ill.  Her face was that of shock, numbness or some unreal pain I hope I never in this lifetime have to experience. 
I also read online that two NZ children have died in the Tsunami. An Auckland toddler washed out to sea. Once again my stomach turns............ I have one of those!!

This afternoon we braved cloudy skies to visit the beach. It was breezy, but mild and soooo nice getting some fresh air. I did for a moment stare into the ocean in awe at how beautiful but also how quickly it can become so dangerous. The girls had a fantastic time, shoes off and lots of blonde hair flying. Phoebe in particular decided the sand was marvelous and poured it all over her as only an almost one year old can. I loved watching my three little blessings today. They were particularly scrumptious. I didn't even sit behind a camera.......which as you know I normally do. So I apologise for no pics today but it was more fun playing in the sand with them.

But that news broadcast still haunts me a little.
This evening I remembered to count at least three of my blessings and at bedtime went in for three extra kisses.


  1. lovely post but so sad at the same time, no one can stop nature and it is so devastating.

    Fi put me onto your blog.

    Amy xxx

  2. Jaz mark and the girlsOctober 5, 2009 at 4:25 PM

    Hey thanks for reading Amy!
    Devastating for sure.............what else can you say really.
    It sems to me with your illness you know the importance of counting your blessings.
    Take care


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