Sunday, October 11, 2009

A whole year later!

A year ago today my third (and final) daughter was born.
Each of my pregnancies have been very different. The births even more so. After a long and painful first birthing experience (not that unusual for a first baby) I turned to the birthing literature provided by my midwife and local library when approaching the birth of my second daughter. It was during this time I discovered the "Dutch" philosophies behind childbirth and PAIN.

The Dutch believe in acknowledging and embracing the pain. Being aware of the reason and purpose of the pain and being able accept. In doing so women find they can tolerate the experience far better physically and emotionally. I think this attitude is fantastic and let's face it, it can only get better right?? I also read a collection of "the worst stories of birth" from around the world which terrified me, but certainly made me determined to be "in control" this time.

So when labour began spontaneously the second time around I took that pain by the horns (without drugs) and made it my friend. Baby number two arrived within a few hours and I was elated! I HAD DONE IT!!!!

The third time I was even more determined and maybe a little stubborn or arrogant. I was now considering myself to be 'not bad' at this birthing thing. But Miss baby three didn't show on her due date, nor did she want to budge TWELVE days after the due date. Oh she was healthy and busy, but with little room left in my belly her gymnastics were getting extremely uncomfortable and I was not keen on being induced. However, after a quick scan at THIRTEEN days overdue we were suddenly organising babysitters, grabbing an overnight bag and off to the public hospital for an INDUCTION.
Well they tried, no baby.
I stayed all night, no baby.
They tried again in the morning, no baby!
They poked and prodded, attached machines that went "ping", still no baby.
They announced C-section, I cringed and demanded the induction be turned up a notch and to GET ME OFF THIS BED SO I CAN LABOUR NORMALLY...................................please.
The pain of induction was out of this world and had their been any Dutch ward nurses present......WATCH OUT!
But little Miss number three came with a hiss and a roar (and that was just the noise Daddy T was making). I was elated. I HAD DONE IT AGAIN!!!

Miss three was our last baby, we have completed our family now. Both Daddy T and myself try not to employ favouritism between any of our children, but as we live through the stages of her development it is always present in our minds that we won't be doing this again until we are grandparents. Sometimes we celebrate this, but mostly it is tinged with sadness.

When I weaned Phoebe my fabulous, but modest mammaries sighed with relief, but I shed a tear. As she pulled herself up and decided to walk we cheered but watched our baby toddle away forever. Today is her official day of 'toddlerhood'. Officially she isn't referred to as a baby or infant in any health documentation. Miss P or "Be" as she has been called lately is now a toddler.

I know I should be overjoyed to be finally at the other end of the first year. It is exhausting. But most mothers would agree that it is also thrilling. The bond that "Be" and I have is worth every sleepless night and hurdle I have had to leap over in this first year.
Phoebe was happy to share her new toy for a little while......

Overjoyed to discover it made noises!

Caitlin and Molly made cupcakes for their little sister and despite lots of food colouring they all went to bed on time and are sleeping soundly :-)

Even Daddy T had a go!

Star stencils from amazing kitchen store in Warkworth came in handy........

Caitlin's cupcake for Phoebe to eat today!

We watched "Be" open a couple of small gifts today and devour a delicious vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting. I wish I had recorded the event for you as she sounded like a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. We will be making her a birthday cake during this coming week and celebrating her birth next weekend when Daddy T's parents come to stay.

Stay tuned for yummy cake pics xx

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