Monday, March 22, 2010

Itchy inspiration!

Monsieur Mossie'

As night draws near and the lights dim, Monsieur Mosquito bows.

'Mossie' as he is known for short, slips into bedrooms across towns.

He comes to dance you see, among the curtains and nets.

He performs his ballet above softly breathing heads.

On his head sits a beret, the colour of Merlot.

Round his neck swings a locket with his mother’s wing and left toe.

But on his feet he has slippers……des pantoufles to be exact.

Look closely you’ll spot the Loui Vuitton mark underneath the tag.

It is his voice that he’s better known for, rather his slippered toes.

Not the tenor required for Carmen, but a soprano of higher tones.

His trebles are truly falsetto and particularly enticing to Papillon.

But Chien are not the problem, it is the sleepy, ignorant human!

Monsieur is faced with trouble as he begins his evening rounds.

He clears his throat and begins his song, three octaves above the ground.

Monsieur Mossie quite simply believes that an opera must be shared.

Imagine! Waking in the morning with a voice that much revered!!!

You see a bite from le femme mossie’ is simply just survival.

Without a solid, bloody meal she will never become maternal.

But the nip from Monsieur Maestro is quite simply a musical feat.

To bless others with his vocal talent is his intention, gift and treat.

Alas! Monsieur may come to blows with backs of hands. Intention? Kill!

Yet his LV brand slippers allow him permission to pirouette across on the sill.

You may not be aware of his performance or flying through la masion.

But you will hear his hum as he warms up for his harmonic song.

So, this evening as you lay your weary head below the window.

Enjoy the breeze that whispers in and makes the curtains billow.

Watch the shadows choreograph themselves across your painted ceiling.

And if you hear a faint cough………..followed by treble humming,

Smile and sleep assured you will be a soprano by the morning.

(Who says Facebook conversations are a waste of our time?!! Cheers for the inspiration Scott.)


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