Friday, March 12, 2010

More awards for the Treacy family!

Molly has settled into school famously and is even asking me eagerly on a Saturday night if there is school in the morning.
I watched her at assembly this week receive her first certificate and participate in the announcing on the 'teacher's mic' as she calls it.
What a buzz. I remember the feeling of watching Caitlin on various occasions. Assemblies, Cricket award days, prize-givings and I'm excited that it is just as thrilling with the second child. I was chatting to Caitlin (my eldest) earlier about how interesting it will be to watch them all grow and see how similar or different they become. Not that I'm a fan of comparing children, siblings or not, but it will be interesting, from a sociological point of view.

The certificate she received...........made me giggle....................for 'excellent timing in music'. I would expect nothing less from my girl!!! So all that crazy dancing and singing I did with her in the lounge on those long maternity leave days was worth it.

This week seemed to fly. Yet the days felt LONG. I have a long list of new achievements for the next two months so I'll keep you updated on that front. Next week's plan is to take a car-boot load of bits to the local hospice shop and hopefully come back with a brand new (if not retro) wardrobe.
I have mastered a couple of delicious recipes recently. The kids are enjoying the lunchbox treats and I have nearly finished my long term project; an album of my late Grandmother's life and photographic story.

I'll leave you all with a gorgeous pic of the youngest inhabitant of Treacy Island.

It seems that dressing up (or down) is the key to contentment!!!

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  1. I don't like heights much either....
    but well doen Molly :)
    and Phoebe looks so gorgeous...
    Can't get over how her hair is growing - and she is becoming such a little girl, rather than a baby!


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