Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day dedication

Mum, mummy, mumma, ma, missus, old chook, old bird, maternal parent, mom, mommy, mam, mammy, maiter, oma.......................

Mother knows best
Mothers have eyes in the back or their heads
Mother in laws tongue
Mother f*****
Mummy's boy
Mother of all ........evil
Some Mothers do have 'em
Holy Mary Mother of God
Mother Earth
Birth Mother, Step Mother, Foster Mother, Adoptive Mother, Gandmother

Can you think of any others??

Yep, you got the idea. I'm thinking about mothers and the job they do. Big job really, in fact some say the most difficult job in the world. Unpaid even, bugger.
I agree, it is a big job, a great, big, important job. The more mothering I do the more I realise how important the role is.
When I first became a mother, blame lack of experience and maturity I soldiered on, returned to work, juggled thousand things just to prove myself. To whom I'm wondering now??
My one year old didn't care if the essay wasn't printed out on time for me receive my degree. Nor did she care if I had the correct clothes for my first teaching job and made every single meeting and deadline.
All she really wanted was her mum.
No regrets though. I loved both my family and my job. But I do remember heading to work, sick child at home, and having my boss send me back home to complete my FIRST JOB. Looking after my sick child. Thank goodness some employees understand the need for mothering.
I'm embarrassed now that I sometimes got the priorities a bit mixed up. Yeah I have loved every class of kids I've taught and always have strong loyalty to my colleagues but did I really think the educational system would fall to pieces if I took a day off work?

So then I had more children and now do the mothering full time. I still love the idea of teaching and love educational banter and the thousand coffees in one day consumed between the classroom and staff room. LOVE IT.
But.....................I am loving being a mum. I now appreciate the importance of unconditional love from a mum. My kids will appreciate this one day.
Jeepers, it's rewarding but what a job it is. It can be "mindnumbingly" boring if you don't mix it up. Maybe I'll mop BEFORE I sweep today!!!

So to all those mums, the kids that arrived to make them and the partners and family who support them. Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!

A sweater is what you put on when your mother is feeling cold!
(so true!!!)

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