Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our JAFFA anniversary!!!!!!!!!

So it has arrived. I can't quite believe it but we have officially been living in Auckland for.......ONE WHOLE YEAR.

A good opportunity to think back over the year and reflect on our achievements. In some aspects it feels like I've achieved very little. Being a stay at home mum is sometimes a bit like that. Endless things to do with little to show for it. Well, on the surface. But I know, looking at my kids that we have been successful in the transition because they are happy and thriving.

Here is where this blog has been an absolute god send. During the lowest times it became my best friend and sounding board. During the highs, another means of celebration. Sounds like I'm 'Jaz no mates' but when you relocate your family to a new city it can take a while to be considered a local. We are the new kids in the playground and anything that has helped keep us in touch with our South Island friends and family has been great!

This is also my 75th post on this blog. My goal this year was to achieve some at home goals and document them throughout the year. I reread back a few posts and I think I'm on track!

So......a recap of our relocation
It all started with a little baby and a big truck.

We then camped out in our newly purchased Rangiora rental property.

A lot of goodbyes.

A new temporary lodging in Albany, North Shore, where Phoebe met "stairs" for the first time.

The northern exploring began.

A new school with a magnificent view.

Another house, Stanmore Bay, (the fourth for 2009...eeek!)

Visitors have been and gone.......

Helping us do the touristy thing.

There have been highs......

....and some lows.

Barely holding up against the humidity some days :-)

Life's been a bit of a beach really............
Lots of beaches.

New friends :-)

......and some not so welcome.

If you want to see the other 100,000,00 things we got up to you'll have to go back through this blog. I think we have travelled a huge learning curve these past 12 months. Meeting new challenges has confirmed what we do and don't want out of life for sure!

Yesterday we had a our first Sunday officially off the real estate market for a very long time. We took a Sunday drive up to Puhoi and ate MASSIVE scones at the Puhoi Cottage. Yummo!
Then off to the Puhoi cheese factory, which of course like everything else in this world is now out of bounds because of health and safety standards and regulations. But there is a great shop at which you can taste some very GOOD cheese. how will I celebrate my one year relocation anniversary?................I'll tell you later!


  1. Wow what an eventful year! I just realised that yesterday was my one year blogging anniversary too :)

  2. One down.... how many to go?

    Miss you all but glad you get to explore the north so much :)


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