Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving again....

Ok, so got my blog-mojo back again after a few weeks of packing, household crashing into illness, moving belongings and then unpacking.....again.
The most positive thing is heading into a weekend knowing that we will not receive any phone-calls from real estate agents and no open home to prepare for on Sunday. Fantastic!

The new house is built over FOUR levels. This means I can actually have all my furniture out, organise 'kid zones' and enjoy time at opposite ends of the house if we all feel the need. What a treat.

So here are a few photos, especially for the family down south who visited us at our last house and are intrigued to see where we have landed now.
The sun rising, looking out from my bedroom balcony.

A roomy kitchen, great for entertaining....hint.....hint. Book those flights!!!

Molly and Phoebe share a double room.

Lounge unpacked, just a few pictures to hang.

Dining room.......
Caitlin's room, which when visitors come to stay will be quickly converted to the guest room!!!



  1. wow - looks amazing... and roomy :)
    Glad we are already booked!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend!

  2. I hope Caitlins room doesnt have all those boxes in it when I visit later this year! xxx to all, and btw... A BEDROOM BALCONY?!?!?!?!


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