Saturday, June 12, 2010

Houdini Baby

My baby, who really isn't a baby anymore at 20 months old, is an escape artist.

The girl can get herself wedged into and out of anything. Five point harnesses are in fact.......pointless.

Yesterday she managed to wriggle her way out of her car-seat, and fall down behind my drivers seat..........all while I was driving. I saw her trying but did not realise she had succeeded until I heard her squeal with fright behind me. I pulled over quickly and secured her again, to her disgust. I am continually dumbfounded that this girl can do these sorts of things. I'm wondering if she has the ability to dislocate her joints/limbs when I'm not looking or something.

She will not stay within her five point harnessed pram either which has made shopping a huge battle and bore. Shopping trolleys are the pits. I am now developing very buff arm muscles, one one side at least from every recent shopping trip.

So have seen a couple of products which I know I will now need to invest in for safety. One is actually called "The Houdini" and should keep all straps in place and a frustrated baby safe.

Those of you who know Miss P the 20 month old will not be overly surprised. She's certainly got a lot spunk, apparent from well before her labour began and she entered this world. Miss P has called the shots from conception. She's vivacious, gregarious and all those trendy buzz words.

But I am totally exhausted watching over her.

Her vocabulary has expanded over the lat couple of months into short sentences. The sentence of the month is ...........


Followed quickly by "I wanna Mummy"

We have visitors coming soon. They will see such a change in this little girl. The baby, a baby no more. The baby who is now sleeping.
I am taking a breath before she wakes and the day brings more giggles, squeals, songs, climbing, hanging, swinging, and grazing on most things in the pantry.

How did I forget the energy displayed by toddlers? I'm envious...........

What a cool kid :-)


  1. I remember Alex being like this... and he was really into heights - exhausting. I got him a long coiled stretchy lead and a full chest harness to wear - much easier when shopping! I also took him to Disneyland when he was exactly 2 - and he just ran around on this lead, that I tied to the push chair - got a lot of funny looks but it was very relaxing not worrying about where he had raced off to in the crowds!

  2. Yeah.I can certainly see the benefits of these restraints now. It certainly depends on the personality of the cild and how many others you need to keep an eye on at the same time. I am very tempted, despite my initial dislike of the idea when seeing others do it.
    I'm thinking the peace of mind and less stress when out and about might be worth every filthy look I receive. x


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