Thursday, June 24, 2010

A child's words......

This week at school is interview week. Interviews with the children. At this primary school they call these interviews "Student Led Conferences".

In separate conferences my two school girls sat me down and shared their goals, learning journey and next steps with me.

They also shared some of their recent work. Here is Miss Year 6's poem written for me (this is the kid that tells me she hates writing). Simple, but I absolutely loved the sentiment.

I love my mum because...............

She bakes with me and my mum is the best, caring mum in the world.
My mum buys me toys to play with.
When I'm mad with her she still loves me.

I love my mum because..............
Me makes me yummy dinner.
I love my mum because she fixes the fights between me and my sister.
She does my washing for me, she loves me.
She likes my friends.
She lets me go to my best friend's house.

I love my mum..............just because!

Every now and again those little gems that seem to take everything for granted surprise you.


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  1. That is gorgeous what a lovely girl you have. Oh Jaz you would have loved the wearable arts evening big costumes big music and kids and parents smiling. It was like a straight version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


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