Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making a list.......

I have truly found the most gorgeous place and time at my current property.

The rain has just passed over and the sun is so bright I am considering wearing my sunnies inside! The baby is having her morning nap and although the kitchen floor needs a mop, I've postponed this task as my 'story notebook' is calling me.
In my upstairs bedroom we have a stunning view of the sea, just a snippet, but I'm telling's more than enough. I have turned the armchair in my room around to face the view and am now cuddled up on my new chocolate coloured blankie typing this. My neighbours are all at work so the bird song and distant rumble of traffic coming in through the windows is VERY NICE!!! (Well I do live near Auckland, it's not all about birdsong and crashing waves up here unfortunately).
If I didn't miss my South Island people so much it'd be perfect.

I'm finding the lack of hobbies that involve people a bit of a strain at the moment. I thought I was quite a private person liking my own company, but it seems even I need people!
With three kids and a busy husband's work schedule I haven't indulged in the kind of out of house activities I might have when moving to a new place. I support the PTA, but have missed several meetings being at home with the kids so am not a solid member unfortunately. I do get daily contact with the other mums dropping off and picking up their kids. I'm going to send Phoebe to the local Playcentre (she needs some serious entertaining that child!!). But I miss living in an area close to family where you can drop in to chat or help them of just simply get my 'mum at home needs adult conversation" quota for the day.

Instead I'm being patient. The kids aren't going to be little forever. I'm forcing myself to find other outlets to make myself happy. I made a list recently of the things that make me truly happy (aside from being a wife and mother). I only listed objects and activities. I wanted to see if their were things I could reintroduce into my current stage of life and still maintain my mummy duties.

What an interesting thing to do. I sadly realised that nearly all of the 'top of the list' activities had been sidelined. No wonder I have been feeling like an imposter. Im' not allowing myself a dose of my favourite stuff, except for wine that is, which came back into my life about the same time the last baby was weaned :-)

I suggest you do this...............................................the list thing, not the weaning part ;-)

Some things on my list will have to wait a just a bit longer, but I'm glad I reminded myself how much I want and need them.

So today.......I wrote several pages of notes for a children's book. It doesn't particularly matter if a child never reads it, I'm having so much fun writing in my newly found pozzie upstairs here!
I also chatted with Daddy T about a hobby I have always wanted to try, even as a kid. He supports the idea and thinks I should just go for it. Great I am. But I'll tell you about that later, cause I might be really bad at it. If so, I'll probably post here about that too, cause that's what I do!

So I hope you find something really satisfying to do during your day. I hope you love your job and if you don't then you need to make a list and remind yourself what it is that you REALLY would like to wake up and do each day!



  1. I was actually just thinking today how easy it is for us mums to get so caught up and consumed with MOTHERING that many of us lose ourselves in the process. I refuse to be like that, because they grow up and then what?....
    Good on you for making your list. Your special writing posse sounds heavenly.

  2. I agree..............I adore these kids of mine, but have got to keep 'MY' stuff happening too. For sanity if nothing else ;-)


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