Friday, July 2, 2010

Some like it old

Some like to buy new and will only buy new. Some like buying new that looks old.

Then there's us, who love to buy old and make it look new again.

We've always liked the challenge of renovation. Our first house was a sixties number that we successfully dragged into the present and sold for a good profit. Our second house was a hundred year old villa which we didn't make modern but buffed and polished her until she was near new again.

In our current living situation we are tackling smaller projects. Our latest were two small sets of drawers. We sanded, danish oiled and finished with beautiful Fleur de Lis handles. These two are for the master bedroom, they don't match but it doesn't matter one bit to us. They represent a piece of our Grandparents history. Our own little bit of Vintage with all their lumps, bumps and imperfections

The week prior I oiled my Grannie's fold-out oak table. No pic sorry. But it looks and feels so lovely. If you haven't resurfaced a wooden piece of furniture before, you really should. Extremely satisfying.

The next little project sits waiting to be completed. A shell waiting for it's makeover.

But I do like new things.

So I taught myself how to make a meat pie from scratch. Everyones got to learn that at some stage don't they??? Well, I made a beef, mushroom and vegetable pie. It was a hit with the family. My eldest went back for seconds so I think I can tick that one off my "Domestic Goddess in Training" list.


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