Monday, July 19, 2010

They all marched up to the top of the hill...........

How to finish the school holidays??

Find a fabulous piece of paradise at our backdoor........

and walk it.
4.6 kms up, around and over a beautiful piece of bushy hill that is Whenderholm. A beautiful part of the Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand.

The route up was gradual, and in places steep. Especially for little legs that were with us.

But also well structured and built up in places. We could stop, observe and listen.

At the top...............

......was this.........

.........and this!!

Around the side of the hill we clambered and slid down over tree roots and mud. We worked up a sweat in the mid winter sun and mild temp.

After the first hour of walking we found this little clearing for lunch. With a view across to Waiwera. A thermal spot between Orewa and Puhoi, North Auckland.

The most comfortable way to hike I'm sure!!

All along the way we spotted things in the undergrowth.

The sun filtered through beautiful trees.

These palms being the kids favourite. Miss ten year old thought they looked like those tube, wafer biscuits that come out at Christmas time. Yummy trees!
They look a bit 'Dr Seuss' don't you think??!!

So much to look up at.

I'd like a scarf with all these greens in it :-)

Back down on lower ground we come full circle to meet some AWESOME trees in their winter garb.

Tricky to capture the height and density of such a beautiful hill from this angle. But we were extremely satisfied to have done it as a family team!!!

What will next weekend bring?

I think I saw a dormant volcano to conquer......

.......until then,




  1. Beautiful scenery, my god you guys are fit, it makes me feel really oollllllllld watching you guys get around :)

  2. LOL um hmm (clearing throat noise) Not sot fit, but reeeaaalllyy wanting to be healthy enough to keep up with these growing kids. A real motivator for sure! xx

  3. You have made awesome post over here. Holidays are really great option for enjoyments and refreshments. From your post we can imagine that you have enjoyed a lot during your holidays.


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