Sunday, July 18, 2010

We made it!

Yep holidays are over! tonight the uniforms get pulled out from their drawers and laid on the bed for a new term. Yip - dee- dee!!!!!!
I like the holidays. Not having to organise lunch-boxes or ferrying the kids all over the show to get to after-school classes. But two weeks is just enough.
We have kept busy with visitors and some good weather that snuck in during the second week (thank goodness). There have been very few injuries, but I can proudly announce that I have not inflicted any of them ;-)
My kids know that in our house of four split levels ( yes......I vacuum four levels aaarrrrrrrgh!!) and that we have three sets of short, carpeted stairs. However over the course of two weeks I think the bag of frozen peas has been fetched and applied several times. Each child has a different tactic it seems. The eldest, with her amazingly long, hollow legs leaps great bounds missing several steps at a time. Then stares at me in disbelief when she finds herself injured or aching. She is a thoughtful intelligent girl. Until the holidays, when she becomes this gangly, yelling monster who chases and torments her younger sister.
The middle girl has a completely different strategy to descending stairs. She will often go down faster than her legs will allow. Her feet and brain are still waiting to be introduced so she does a kind of slide down the last few stairs and lands with an audible BUMP!
The youngest, at 22 months, just adores these big girls she has to live with. She will use and adapt any strategy for getting up or down the stairs simply to keep up with them and follow them to their next activity.
Her initially attempt was a orangutan crawl upwards and the bum shuffle/slide down. Over the holidays she has taken to walking down the steps upright, very slowly, not even holding onto the wall. As she reaches the final steps she will leap off and land on the floor in a giggling smiling heap. Accident waiting to happen???

Anyway, despite some days being a bit crazy and very noisy I have survived the school holidays and I will be very happy to deliver my children into the hands of their teachers tomorrow.

I hope you have all had some great moments!

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