Thursday, August 26, 2010

Phoebe loves the Beach

During the week Phoebe and I hit the beach. We needed some 'out of the house' time and the sun had conveniently come out too! So here we are.............

This is actually our new local beach; Arkles Bay, since shifting across the peninsular a few months back.

Even almost two year olds take a moment to drink in the view............hee hee



  1. Wow looks so different to our Canterbury beaches aye!I'm coming up to Auckland in a couple of weeks to stay with a friend and go to the sista's conference. Have never been that far north before. So excited and can't wait to check these kind of beaches out! yay for the sun being out, we have had a good week with it too

  2. Sometimes - many times - there is nothing as soothing for the soul as walking along, nay just being on, a beach. Sunshine is an added bonus.

  3. HI Jaz, what gorgeous pics, you have an artistic mind thats for sure. I am thinking of you and sending you some energy that is more positive today. Love and hugs


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