Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here are the fourteen foods nutritionists claim as "Superfoods"

Beans (which includes green and peas)
Green or Black tea
Wild Salmon

I generally knew most of these foods were a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. A couple were a surprise. Are there any that surprise you? I thought the humble carrot might be on there as it is has proven cancer cell 'halting' abilities. But I think the listed food above are regarded sooooo special because they are provide a powerhouse of multiple vitamins and minerals in one handy source. I include garlic in my superfood list. In fact, any 'wholefood" should be considered I guess if you really want to be super human!!!

It is believed that by consuming some or all of the Superfoods each week you can actually change the course of your biochemistry and slow down or stop the gradual changes in your body that lead to a variety of diseases.

Blueberries are the one I said I really wanted to blog about though. I had known that berries were powerful little beauties. I recently read a chapter on Blueberries in an excellent library book 'Superfoods, Fourteen foods that will change you life', Steven Pratt & Katy Matthews.
I am now a convert.

Blueberries were ignored for a while in the Western diet and cuisine (although used for decades in Native American diet as a preservative ingredient and for medicinal purposes in child birth and digestion). It was dismissed initally because it was not high in vitamin C compared to some of it's cousin berries.
However........look at just a few things they have to offer:
* Regarded as a top three superfood (with spinach and wlanuts)
* More antioxidants and than any other fruit or vegetable. One serving (half cup) will give you more than FIVE servings of carrots or broccoli.
* Anthocyanins - the BLUE colour. A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
* High in Ellagic acid. A natural antioxidant that helps build new cells and halt mutated ones. Cancer cells for example forget to die so these natural chemicals help restart the process. Recent research also shows they have a powerful effect on brain cells (YAY). These naturally causing chemicals have been proved to improve and support people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and Dementia.
* Excellent, (like its cousin the Cranberry) for supporting urinary tract health.
* Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Oh and they taste REALLY good. Bonus material!!!

Obviously I don't know if there are any mutated cells in my body.......or yours for that matter. But all cells have the potential and our trusty immune systems prevent it from occurring on a regular basis, if you are nurturing and supporting that system I guess!
I don't plan to live in fear of the BIG C. But I am truly humbled by the power of these foods and won't be wandering far from a blueberry for the rest of my very LONG and fulfilling life!!



  1. hmmm Arch's mother used to make us blueberry pies a lot - I can say they had an interesting effect on my digestion! I might re introduce them verrrrry slowly :)

    List looks good....

  2. yay!!! My 3 year old munches on a small bowl of frozen blue berries every morning! She would eat them all day long if I let her!! :)


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