Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mrs Biscotti Fancy pants.........noice!

Yep that's me alright.

Ok, so sometimes it's actually ok to blow your own trumpet. I detest the "tall poppy" syndrome we so often come up against in this country.

Well I love to bake, not cook, bake! In fact I do declare that 2010 has been my year for muffins and they really are my signature dish. My children will hopefully always have fond memories of warm muffins after school for years to come (until they pass on the recipes to their own kiddly winks).

Today I was thinking of going a bit 'flash', maybe a even a little bit "poe-sh"

Biscotti, has always seemed a little bit indulgent and romantic to me. Unfortunately with the growth of the cafe scene in NZ over recent years it has become a bit 'common'.

I still love it and love the dunking of it into coffee or tea. I also received some as a homemade gift a few years back and thought it wonderful.

Well I made some.........and if I may blow that horn again, it does look mighty "flash" and tastes REALLY GOOD!

So here is the pictorial process!
Starting life out as a misshapen blob

Second cooking of Pistachio and Cranberry

Espresso and Almond.....mmmmm
The official 'taster' seemed satisfied!

Don't you just wish you were at my house for coffee right now!!

oh, just remembered.......I have children that need dinner. HELP!

...............wonder if they like biscotti ;-)


  1. oooh you are miss fancy pants!!! well done!. Am loving the look of that cranberry and pistachio mmmmmm might just have some of those ingredients in my pantry. and hey, I'm sure it could pass as a meal...I see all the basics covered, vege/friut, protein, carbs.....;)

  2. Oops. I love biscotti but I'm a bit late and it will all be gone. Please let me know when the next invitation is to be issued. I'm only 3 days travel away!

  3. This seems very yummy and tasty as well. It's shape is also much pretty and color too so that children like to eat it.


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