Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beautiful Christchurch

I am in Christchurch, soaking in the beauty and glorious weather. The sun hasn't stopped shining since I arrived.

It's always tricky revisiting the place I call home, I can't catch up with everyone I really love and want to see. Rest and peace are priority this holiday break ( if that is possible with three children).

Considering there has been over 1200 aftershocks in this area over the past month I haven't actually felt any. I stayed out in Rangiora (North Canterbury), a little out of aftershock range. Now in the city itself, I'm sure I'll be treated to at least one little shake before
I leave on Friday.

Christchurch still looks amazing. The clean up has rapidly changed the CBD and surrounding damaged areas. Many blocks seem lighter and less oppressing. Shadows from once towering buildings are gone and the sun shines through empty yards of rubble. As I'm driven around the city through the 'post quake scenic routes' I am sad to see some very beautiful churches suffering but happy that many of the heritage buildings are ok. Shaken, but still standing.

Gladly...........we have strolled under blossom, around daffidols and under trees covered in budding leaves. Canterbury is recovering and all seem happy to welcome Spring into the city.

Since writing this the good weather has continued, but I have now experienced two aftershocks, of decent size as a reminder that Cantabrians are not quite able to put the Sept 4th quake behind them just yet.


  1. One of my sons always called Lily Pads, Lalypids which is what they are still known as in our family. From henceforth daffodils will always be daffidols (sic) to me! (See fourth line up!).

  2. Opps!! hee hee what a giggle. Pardon my spelling :-)


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