Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Specials

Sundays are lovely aren't they?

We live on a monthly salary which forces us to budget carefully and plan our month's activities accordingly. This weekend was "pay" weekend. On pay weekends we always plan a weekend activity that requires payment eg Zoo visits, movies etc.
On non-pay weekends we plan family outings (or in-ings if the weather is silly) that create freebie fun and memories eg parks, beaches, museums, taking photographs etc.

Sunday was icky outside, grey with on and off rain. An inside activity was called for AND we had money. Whoopie!!!!!

So here it is.........was........enjoy some ten pin bowling with us!

The landscape......

Dad has a go..........

Mum has a go.....

Even little Phoebe has a jolly good go!

Anticipating the score.......

The view in the two year old's world.

Another example of sisterly love.

...and where do you find your two year old when the bowling novelty wears off? Daddy's girl, that's for sure!

A Sundae (day) wouldn't be complete without one of these!!!

Completely tuckered out!

I woke with a headache that morn which disappeared promptly during the day.
Just goes to show that a good dose of fun is also good for your health!

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  1. What a great way to spend an afternoon (or morning for that matter) provided, in my case, you are doing it for fun and not actually hoping to score!


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