Sunday, October 31, 2010


We don't celebrate Guy Fawkes evening in our house. Well, I vaguely remember buying the girls some sparklers to wave around in the past, but that is the extent of our firework activities.

But if the local volunteer fire-service decide to organise a community display, then we are there with bells on!!! The attraction of firemen in full uniform had nothing to do with it, of course ;-)
The evening began with a fish and chip picnic. Held in Orewa beach reserve.

Later as the sun went to bed, the breeze off the beach was COLD, but a few blankets, live music and playing with glowing toys kept us warm.

....and finally at 9pm the fun really began. The girls and I had good fun with our little digital camera. Playing with different settings to capture the artwork in the sky above us.

At one point during the night Molly (5) turned to me and stated "this is the BEST night EVER"

Unfortunately, not everybody loves fireworks displays. Little Phoebe didn't seem to mind the "pretties" but really hated the noise.
That expression on her face gives us all a pretty good idea how young children and animals will be feeling around the country this coming weekend.

Take care of you and yours if you choose to play with fire.

Keep well


  1. Poor Phoebe xxx but glad Molly loved it...Can picture her getting right into it!
    I haven't heard a single one here yet, but sure they will appear next week. Jessie fine so far...
    Looked like a great display :)
    Hugs from us down here xxxxxx

  2. We heard a few last night at a neighbours but it's usually quiet here despite our nearness to Napier. I find it quite odd that a country such as New Zealand should celebrate 5 November as fireworks night. I wonder if many actually realise its significance.

    Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland has a huge official firework display to see the New Year in. It used to be attended by hundreds if not thousands (the population is 12,000) of people.


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