Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We love the holidays!

Our holidays were spent in North Canterbury and Christchurch.

We love that place!

We love giant babies found at the Ron Mueck exhibition at the Christchurch Art gallery. (AMAZING!)

...and an enormous woman lying in bed!

We also love big hairy men who have left their pants elsewhere (smirk)

We love to crawl across grass!

We love the Christchurch sunny days and the wind in the Willows!

We love our mum ( photo by Molly)

We love watching punting on the Avon River.

We love hundreds of coloured balls.

We love big red cars,

We love babies that sleep through playground noise and madness!!!

We love the 'mid-play' snacks

We love cars that MOOOVVVEEE!

........especially with our cousin Tom who is a really good driver!

Seems to us.........he really loves his cousin Phoebe too :-)

To all of you who have just had school holidays. We hope you loved them too!


  1. The pictures you have shared over here are just adorable and they all are really great and the perfect. Everyone can see the happiness of holidays from your pictures. Your kids are seeing too much happy and the picture of red car is really nice.

  2. I'm hoping to see the Meuck exhibition although I'm not quite sure what my reaction will be. I suppose that's part of the anticipation.

    It's great seeing children - young and older! - enjoying themselves so. Even the children of my NZ family are growing up now and are past the stage of being excited by a day out. Shame really.

  3. Hi, I followed you from GB's blog. Glad I did. What great photos of a lovely family having a great time. The girls looks so happy and healthy! Love the last three, lovely interaction between Phoebe and Cousin Tom.


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