Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Bliss

Birthdays are special..think about it. The DAY you were born. Pretty cool.
Well I was born this week, a few years back and my family spoilt me rotten during the weekend.

Here's a little sneak peek for you.

A little sun arrived for a coffee near the beach (with the GORGEOUS necklace from gorgeous husband).

The beach.

Little shiny toenails

There was cake........ (and blue birthday nails)

oh the cake!

My friend came to stay......

bringing flowers!!

There was a cook book.......

a waffle iron,

and a beautiful journal/diary to set goals for an exciting new year ahead.

A husband that cooked a delicious Japanese meal, a bit more jewelry, messages from so many people, homemade cards from the girls and team singing in the lounge for a couple of hours.
Good birthday fun.

Thank you, my lovely friends and family


  1. ........because you're worth it.

  2. I wish for you good health so that your year ahead will be happy and fulfilling.

  3. and more good things to come on the personal pampering side when you make up your mind what appeals - although the anticipation is part of the fun, getting it is sooo good :)


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