Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for living in the very small but loving and supportive country that New Zealand is.

The entire country is reeling at the news of a second explosion in the Pike River Coal Mine, West Coast of the South Island. All 29 men trapped below ground are now presumed dead, the current situation still too volatile to attempt a recovery mission.

But the details of this tragedy is not what I want to blog about. You can be fully informed about it on any national and international news station or site.

What I am thankful for is that without hesitation, we are a nation of loving kiwis. I am extremely thankful for leaders who lead with compassion and CEOs who drive a project with humanity, love and hope.
In times of adversity or tragedy we are a nation that very quickly pulls together as a Whanau (extended family). Most of us do not have any real connection to the lives lost, yet despite this fact, kiwis have an endearing quality to share grief and find our own way to support.

I am thankful that our media representatives are thorough and accurate yet demonstrate huge amounts of compassion. The nature of reporting doesn't always sit well with me. Having faces, names and bold statements "No survivors" brandished all over the news last evening BEFORE any bodies have been returned to their families doesn't make me feel good. But thankfully the individual reporters I have been viewing are doing their upmost to demonstrate their own vulnerability and sensitivity.
I listen to talk-back radio while going about my motherly/housey duties and of course some New Zealanders are ringing in skeptical, angry and questioning authority over this tragedy. There will be a long and detailed inquest over this one, and so there should. But on listening further I was thankful for the detailed explanations provided by experts in the varied fields required for this event. I feel reassured that good decisions were made, at least after the event began!

If you would like to see a beautiful but very moving slideshow of this event unfolding, pop over to this great blog Four Paws and Whiskers.

I am thankful and proud to be a born and bred South Islander and a New Zealander today.
My thoughts and love goes to all who are suffering over the losses.
I also am thinking of those who are still trying to find a safe way to recover those men and return them home.
Love, luck and light to all of them.

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