Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December arrives

I love Christmas.

Today being the first of the month makes me even more excited. I love the fact that the girls will all be finishing school soon, less rushing about, more time together. I don't mind it............I did have children to be with them and to make family traditions over time.

I love traditions.

Maybe this is because my parents divorced while I was very young. I can't actually remember a birthday or Christmas before the age of nine. I think as an adult I want to create memories and traditions (security??) for my children (and very possibly for myself).

I love mystery.

Having children adds a wonderful element to Christmas. It brings mystery and wonder into your house. What fun. I have been a parent for almost eleven years now and every year I rise to the challenge of adding to the Christmas wonder.

I love.

Yep. Christmas certainly reminds me who I miss, wish were here and take stock of who I still have!!! I love the fact that we grind to a halt, sit together, exchange gifts. No tv on. No computers on laps, maybe some terrible Christmas carol arrangements in the background, but still loving every minute of watching our kids' faces.

So the preparations begin.

We are having a very quiet Christmas away from our family this year. It will be ok. It may feel a little quiet and odd, but we think it will also be relaxing and calm. Just what we all need.

I hope your first week of December is enjoyable. School and work is nearly over for a little while. The scrambling, shopping, cooking and organising is worth it. When you finally collapse into a chair with your Christmas beverage of choice I'm sure it will all seem worth it.



  1. ooo I can't wait to start the Christmas music! I am going to have to find the cds and dust them off.
    All the best with your christmas traditions. I look forward to hearing more about them. ;)

  2. Jaz, your enthusiasm for Christmas is a joy to behold.


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