Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buttons Buttons everywhere!

Look what I've been playing with!

When I was little, very little, I have fabulous memories of playing in my Grandma's button drawer.
I wondered if this was a generational thing (is that actually a word?). So I asked my husband, did his Grannie have a button drawer?
His response; she had a button SUITCASE!!!!!! How much blimin', fabulous fun would that have been!?!?

We both remember........many moons before meeting each other playing with our Grandma's impressive button collections.

I don't have a button collection....yet.

But then, I'm not a Grandma........yet :-)

I do have a few delicious buttony morsels in yummy colours that really look good enough to eat. (Although two year old, after trying, reports they are most certainly not edible lol).

It's Christmas time. I don't really sew generally, but love to "make", so I got out the sewing box and had some fun.
I found felt pieces the colour of candy, yum!!

Somebody else likes playing with them too.



  1. So cute!! Love them.You have inspired me to get my kids busy with my sewing box this arvo. I remember my Nana had (probably still has) a button box :)

  2. Love the button trees, great decoration idea! I don't have a button drawer/suitcase as such, but I always make a point of keeping the spare buttons that come with new clothes. So it's kind of a button collection!

  3. I just love running my hands through masses of buttons. The trees look wonderful. You are right, it is a very cheery post.

  4. You've made me wonder what happened to my Mum's button box. I've got the sewing box that Dad made her when they got married and it's still got all the sewing things in it but not the button box. Hmmm.


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