Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I like Christmas traditions as I mentioned in this post here.

But I like adding new ones. I've been searching other family blogs to get ideas. Some people are certainly having some festive fun out there for sure!

When our middle child's birthday arrives on the 12th our tree normally goes up.

Then the cake is made and cards are sent. (when I was working full time I often left this part to the very last minute unfortunately).

This year being at home with only one child, I have even made a few gifts and decorations for people.

School ends and the children start staying up a little. A drive around the houses lit up with festive garb is always fun.

The house slowly morphs into an outrageous Christmas grotto (that I actually love) during the first weeks of December.

The stockings are hung up.

The Christmas food shopping complete........hunting for berries and fresh food around the countryside is the fun bit!
Christmas Eve:
Although I don't go to church, I do love carol and/or midnight mass services so I often take my eldest child on this outing.

The magic Santa key is made. (I'll discuss this in another post).

A note, drink and nibble for Santa is organised.

Reindeers are given fresh water and carrots outside on lawn.
Make sure Christmas lights are on for Santa's sleigh arrival.

Run to our beds to find our first Christmas gift: brand spanking new pjs to wear!!

Christmas day:
Rustling of Christmas stockings on the end of children's beds. My favourite part is waiting for the little "gasps" as they discover and reveal their loot.

Parents out of bed and begged if not dragged to the Christmas tree. No gifts are to be opened until all people in the house are awake and present in the lounge. this means a whole lot of groaning from little people if Dad is still making his cup of tea or mum is removing her hair rollers lol

Then a very tasty and high cholesterol brekkie follows.

The rest of the day depends on where we are and with whom. But of course is usually fun and like most households we feel very full by the eve.

I wonder what traditions are part of your family Christmas build-up?


  1. I love incorporation traditions from my own childhood, whilst creating new ones for my own family. I grew up in the Northern Hemisphere and it's taken me a while to adapt and adopt new traditions befitting the summer season of Christmas celebrations here.

    A few of our 'new' traditions: collecting a sprig of fresh Pohutukawa blossom on Christmas Day to adorn the table. Eating mini-pavs, with fresh cream, blue-berries & strawberries for morning tea on Christmas Day. Doing a family 'show' on Christmas Eve - where we all take a turn to entertain.

    Some of the older ones - leaving out carrots and water for reindeers and beer and a mince pie for Father Christmas, putting gold coins and a piece of fruit in the bottom of the stocking, only opening stockings before breakfast. Waiting till everyone is dressed and has eaten before opening pressies under the tree.

    It's a wonderful time of year and I really love celebrating Christmas in summer now (taken me a while!).

  2. Oh dear. I think that I almost feel envious. When my parents were alive we always tried to make the two-day journey 'home' but that ceased some years ago and Christmas has held no tradition or magic for me since then. My New Zealand family don't have a great tradition of Christmas either so it simply becomes a family day when we do things together. And that's pretty good really.


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