Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday.......what!? Already?!

It may have come around very quickly, but I am still very thankful.

I haven't had a classroom for a little more than two years now and it seems that you never really can take the teacher out of the girl!

As I look around my dining room this morning I count 16 pieces of artwork (2 -10 yr old efforts) adorning the walls. Displaying and celebrating children's learning was one of my favourite parts of creating a classroom. I didn't actually realise, until today, I have created our own "home gallery".
I know the girls love it, they feel appreciated.

Now the end of the school year is approaching my eldest daughter finally got a piece of artwork back from the PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!!
A simple, yet lovely design in water-based dyes. I love it.

"That one's going straight to the pool-room" ;-)

Thanks Caitlin for adding to the collection sweet-pea.


  1. That's an amazing piece of art for someone of Caitlin's age (I am correct in thinking Caitlin is 10?). If the idea was hers I am even more impressed.

    As for Thursdays coming around quickly I couldn't agree more. I remembered it was Thursday when I was 80kms away from home this morning and had to make a note to remind myself. Now I just have to do my Thankful Thursday post!

  2. This is an exceptional design.
    Well done Caitlin, and well done jazz. =)


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