Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Men who cook

I sometimes pat myself on the back for marrying a man who loves to cook.

As he is currently the breadwinner, cooking comes under my job description. But the weekends and holiday seasons bring hubby back into the kitchen. Fabulous.....for all of us!!

Look what he whipped up the other night after spying a recipe in a copy of 2009 Foodtown mag.
The most beautiful little Christmas mince pies.

I married well


  1. Mmmmm They look great.
    Sadly it has not been a feat I have managed to achieve! Although he did make The Cake, so all hope is not lost down here.

  2. I wasn't allowed to cook when I got married. My wife was a brilliant cook and when we married she said "I do the cooking and the ironing and you do the housework". I enquired if that was negotiable. No! Ah well. I couldn't complain because she was the perfect mother and hostess but I've since discovered a love of cooking.


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